Artistically, there are so many unique and wonderful qualities to be enjoyed about photography and everyone is drawn to something  different than the next person!  The top things on my personal list are Black and Whites, capturing beautiful and glowing light, and catching REAL LIFE!  If you have made it this far, you might be curious as to WHAT my style of photography is.  To tell the truth, I'm not sure how to define it!  But Here is my take on it:  

My "Style" of photography is about getting a snapshot of someone's real life.  Stopping a moment in time.  From the full picture of a Family laughing together, to the close-up of pride on Mom's face, to the tiny flower held in the hand of the 2 year old, that short period of time and the resulting photos  can tell so many stories and can have so many precious details that will want to be commemorated.  Although those little things may not seem like much now, in a few years, it won't be just a picture of a tiny hand holding a flower... it will now be an image of the tiny wrinkles and folds of your little one's hands and just how small they looked while compared to a simple dandelion.  It's all about documenting history and celebrating the journey of your life!